Real Testimonials From Our Grant Recipients

“My Community Project has been a real blessing to my husband and I in buying our first home. From the very beginning, the team was so helpful in every step of the way in answering any questions we had. I cannot recommend this program enough!”

Amanda Kiều-Ademola

“Thank God for My Community, our closing cost was covered, and our lender Aaron was very helpful throughout the entire process. I highly recommend looking into this program if you are buying a home.”

David Sean Ademola

“I can’t thank My Community Project enough for the fantastic purchasing experience of our new home. When everything was added-up, my husband and I BOTH qualified for the program and saved over 8000. Thank you to everyone that helped us move into our dream home.”

Cari Sparks

“It was a pleasure working with My Community Project. My client qualified for the program and saved close to $11,000! No middle people were involved, and the Buyer was able to benefit 100%. Highly recommend this program for anyone who serves the public.”

Joey Almeida

Military And Charity Volunteer
First Responder
Public Servant
Charity Volunteer