How Our Home Buying Grant Process Works offers a FREE Home Buying Grant that can provide you up to $6500 towards your down payment on your home. There are no hidden fees or payback amounts, it’s as simple as you or your spouse work in one of the listed fields: Firefighter, Nurse, Police, EMT, Teacher, city, state, or federal employees, miliatry (Active, Retired, Reservists). has made this a seamless process, with the first step being to fill out the secure grant form. It is easy to qualify as we don’t count your income against you, and you could be refinancing your current home or buying your tenth home. Once we receive your secure grant application we can get started to see if we can get you up to $6500 towards your down payment. Our Home Buying Grant has no hidden fees, gimmicks, in fact we are here to give back to the people who work hard to support our community and this is one way we get to do that.

Our process time generally takes 2-3 Days to process your initial submittal and get back with you about the Home Buyers Grant and if we need any additional information we will reach out to you then.

Home Buying Grant Process