About My Community Project

About My Community Project

MyCommunityProject.org was started with the need to make home ownership more reasonable for the working person. People that dedicate their life’s work to making our community and society a better place. These professions tend to be Thank-Less positions, disenfranchised positions, or in generally over looked.

WE know this is NOT true. We know that without your service our Communities even America would not even be close to the same wonderful place it is! You are the true heroes of our society and we are so thankful for YOU!

Your work is so important to our society and our Community!! We are so grateful for what you do daily that we no longer just want to say Thank You for your Service, but rather want to put some money behind you. This Home Buyers Grant is so vital in supporting our Community Professionals and we would not want it any other way.

This is REAL Money that Helps Real Family’s not only afford a home but in some cases the only way that family could afford to buy a home is with this Home Buyers Grant.

MyCommunityProject.org is here to help, and we will make sure we can provide the best customer service and assistance through our Home Buying Grant program. We know that you have worked hard for our community and we want to give back to you because of your hard-dedicated work with in our communities.

You can work with one of our knowledgeable and helpful agents that can help you through each step when it comes to lender, home warranty, and more. At MyCommunityProject.org we are here to help you through each process and make sure the process is seamless and you get the best bargain in all areas of home buying. Our agents know all the realtors in the network, and they have been properly vetted, proven negotiators, and adhere to our core principles and philosophies.